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St. Gabriel’s Co-operative Credit Union, affiliated with the Ghana Co-operatives Credit Union Association (CUA) and duly registered by the Department of Co-operatives (DoC), is situated at the St. Gabriel’s Co-cathedral premises near the main Konongo market. St. Gabriel’s CCU extends its services beyond its main office, with three additional branches located at Juaso,Adumasa and Asankare. This reflects the Credit Union’s commitment to providing financial services to a diverse and expansive community while upholding the principles of cooperation and community development.

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Our Mission

St. Gabriel’s Co-operative Credit Union limited provides quality services to improve the living standards of its members through mobilization of funds, granting and recovering of loans and education to improve the social standing of members and for community development.

Our Vision

St. Gabriel’s Co-operative Credit Union Limited is a non-banking financial institution and seeks to become the leading financial co-operative institution in Ghana.

About Us


St. Gabriel’s Co-operative Credit Union has a rich history that dates back to its establishment in 1968. Founded by Rev. Fr. Joseph Yeboah (of blessed memory), it was the pioneering financial co-operative society in the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo Regions, specifically designed for Catholic school teachers. At the time, Fr. Yeboah served as the local manager for Catholic Schools in the Asante Akim District, located in the Ashanti Region.

Initially, the Credit Union operated exclusively for Catholic school teachers, with its operations centered in the school office of Mr. G. K. Yamoah, the headteacher of the R/C Primary School. Over the years, recognizing the growing needs of the community, the common bond was expanded to include members beyond the teaching profession.

In its early years, the Credit Union moved from Mr. Yamoah’s school office to a small office at the R/C Church premises. However, in December 2011, a significant milestone was achieved with the construction and inauguration of a permanent office complex. While not owned by the church, the Credit Union maintains a strong relationship with it. The church generously provided the land for the construction of the new office, and part of the facility is allocated for church activities, including an Adoration room and Conference room.

About Us

Core Values SGCCUGH


Prioritizing the safety of members’ financial assets through robust security measures.


Focusing on both quantitative and qualitative growth to expand impact and services.


Upholding credibility through transparent operations, ethical practices, and adherence to standards.


Demonstrating dedication to the mission, excellent customer service, and the financial well-being of members.


Distinguishing itself by offering specialized services, tailoring products to community needs, and embracing innovative approaches.

Konongo St. Gabriel’s Co-operative Credit

St. Gabriel’s Co-operative Credit Union is a financial co-operative society established in 1968. It was the first to be formed in the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo Regions by Rev. Fr. Joseph Yeboah of (blessed Memory) for Catholic school teachers only

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