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To the minimum share capital requirements upon registration, each member of the credit union is thereby recognized as a partial owner, entitled to all privileges and benefits accorded to credit union members. This shared ownership fosters a sense of community and collective responsibility among members.

To facilitate membership, a stipulated minimum share capital of 200.00 Gh cedis is established, serving as a baseline financial commitment for individuals seeking to join the credit union. This amount ensures that members contribute equitably to the cooperative’s capital base, reinforcing the financial strength and stability of the credit union as a whole.

Furthermore, the shares held by members are not just a financial commitment; they represent a form of investment. At the close of each financial year, dividends may be allocated based on the decision made during the Annual General Meeting. This dividend distribution is a reflection of the credit union’s financial performance, and members benefit directly from the success and prosperity of the cooperative.

It is essential to note that individuals who do not meet the prescribed minimum share capital requirements cannot be considered members of the credit union. This requirement underscores the cooperative nature of the institution, emphasizing the importance of collective financial participation for the mutual benefit of all members.

Konongo St. Gabriel’s Co-operative Credit

St. Gabriel’s Co-operative Credit Union is a financial co-operative society established in 1968. It was the first to be formed in the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo Regions by Rev. Fr. Joseph Yeboah of (blessed Memory) for Catholic school teachers only

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