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Personal Loan

This is a loan granted to improve upon the quality of life of the individual member. This may be granted for either a provident or productive purpose.
Provident Loans are granted basically for consumption, thus for the payment of cost that goes to improve, build or purchase a house; pay for school fees; medical expenses; buy a car.
Productive Loans are granted to members to be used in activities that will generate income. Such activities may include agriculture, manufacturing, and services
Conditions for granting personal loans

  • Applicant shall be a qualified member with the minimum share capital
  • The maximum loan should be three (3) times the member's savings
  • The loan shall not be more than 10% of the credit union's total asset
  • Personal loans shall attract  3% interest per month on reducing balance method for a maximum of 12months (1 year)
  • Loans within savings shall attract 2% interest per month on reducing balance method for a maximum of 12months (1 year)

Funeral loans

Funeral loans are granted to members to meet their funeral expenses when their loved ones dies.

  • The Applicant shall be a qualified member
  • The Applicant shall produce documents regarding the funeral arrangements
  • The Applicant shall come along with the family head and a family member as witnesses or guarantors
  • The loan shall attract 5% interest payable within one (1) month after granting the loan

Emergency Loans

Emergency loan shall be considered for the purpose of life saving in medical situations, hospitalization, natural disaster etc.

Konongo St. Gabriel’s Co-operative Credit

St. Gabriel’s Co-operative Credit Union is a financial co-operative society established in 1968. It was the first to be formed in the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo Regions by Rev. Fr. Joseph Yeboah of (blessed Memory) for Catholic school teachers only

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