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Every member shall subscribe to the minimum share capital requirements at the time of registration. This makes such a member part owner of the credit union and enjoys every benefit a member of the credit union enjoys. Unless otherwise stated, any one who wants to be a member of the credit union shall pay an amount of 200.00 Gh cedis as a minimum shares capital. Shares shall attract dividend at the end of the financial year, if so decided at the Annual General Meeting. Any person with less than the required minimum shares is not a member.

Bank shares represent ownership in a bank, divided into tradable units or stocks. Shareholders may receive dividends and can profit from capital appreciation by selling shares at a higher price. Investors assess factors like financial health, management, and economic conditions before investing. The value of bank shares is subject to market fluctuations and associated risks.

Konongo St. Gabriel’s Co-operative Credit

St. Gabriel’s Co-operative Credit Union is a financial co-operative society established in 1968. It was the first to be formed in the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo Regions by Rev. Fr. Joseph Yeboah of (blessed Memory) for Catholic school teachers only

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